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Wash your car everyday for one low price and save with the Unlimited Wash Club. Serving Cottage Hills, IL & Godfrey, IL.

Every Car Wash Includes:

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Free Mat Cleaners

Free Window Cleaner

Free Vacuums

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Cottage Hills, IL

444 West MacArthur Drive
Cottage Hills, IL

Godfrey, IL

5507 Godfrey Road
Godfrey, IL

The Benefits of the Unlimited Wash Club

  • Save Money
  • Wash as Often as You Want
  • No Contracts

Car Wash Menu

Come to Gorilla Express Auto Wash for a wash fit for a king.


Single Wash
$40.00Per MonthUnlimited Wash Club
  • Includes Harambe Plus:
  • Jungle Bath


Single Wash
$30.00Per MonthUnlimited Wash Club
  • Includes Gorilla Plus:
  • Jungle Bath
  • Jungle Prime
  • Jungle Rinse
  • Jungle Wax
  • Rain Repellent


Single Wash
  • Includes Monkey Plus:
  • Jungle Bath
  • Jungle Prime

Monkey Clean

Single Wash
  • Includes Chimp Plus:
  • Jungle Rain Repellent
  • Triple Foam
  • Wheel Blaster
  • Underbody Wash
  • Super Dry


Single Wash
$19.00Per MonthUnlimited Wash Club
  • Wash
  • Rinse
  • Spot Free Dry

Package Details

Jungle Bath icon

Jungle Bath

Break the bond of the most difficult surface contaminants with this specially-formulated low pH detergent. Applied in a thin sheet of foam that envelops the car and dazzles customers.

Jungle Prime icon

Jungle Prime

Lift embedded road grime to prime painted surfaces for total adhesion of the Fusion Seal Paint Sealant. This ultra-low pH detergent is applied in precise streams that penetrate prior foam applications.

Jungle Rinse icon

Jungle Rinse

Break down and remove foam residue from completely exposed painted surfaces to Fusion Seal Paint Sealant. Infused into a waterfall rinse that flushes all grooves, crevices, cowlings, and behind mirrors.

Jungle Wax icon

Jungle Wax

Enhance the depth and quality of the shine you deliver to your customer with our exclusive poly synthetic wax blended with genuine carnauba. Applied in a cascading sheet of airy foam for complete coating.

Jungle Rain Repellent icon

Jungle Rain Repellent

Watch water drops slide right off your windshield. Our Rain Repellent treats glass with a layer of water repellent that improves visibility.

Triple Foam icon

Triple Foam

Our Triple Foam is a blend of detergents that gently loosens contaminants and road grime as it glides off the surface of the car in a colorful show.

Wheel Blaster icon

Wheel Blaster

Get rid of road grime, brake dust, rocks, and other corrosion that causes road debris to keep your wheels looking brand new.

underbody wash icon

Underbody Wash

Prevents corrosion causing grime from accumulating under the car with a water rinse that gently removes dirt, mud and other road crud.

Gorilla Wax icon

Gorilla Wax

A wax layer is evenly applied over your car’s surface to enhance your vehicle’s shine while protecting it from the sun’s harmful rays.

Tire Shine icon

Tire Shine

A car wash isn’t complete without tires that shine with a nice black wet look to make your car look even newer.

CeraMaxx Ceramic Sealant logo


CeraMaXx is a hydrophobic product that is very effective beading rinse liquid on the vehicle surface that accelerates the drying process.

Super Dry icon

Super Dry

Removes water droplets and gently buffs the surface to activate the Hot Wax & Shine application to improve the shine of your car.


Ensure your vehicle dries with no unsightly spots.

Spot Free Dry

Our 120 horse-power drying system effortlessly delivers a towel-finished result in seconds!


If you’re in need of a gentle and complete car wash, our multi-step state-of-the-art wash, included in every wash package, gets the job done fast.

Free Vacuums

Every car wash includes the use of our high-performance vacuums so come on in!

Gift Cards

Give the gift of clean! Gift cards are the perfect gift for all occasions. Now available online!

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